The inspiring film and comics reveal the powerful story of the relationship between Martin Luther King Jr (MLK)., Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Chan Khong, and Alfred Hassler.

“Hope is what the world needs now and hope is what The 5 Powers Movie offers” – Andrea Miller, Deputy Editor, Lions Roar Magazine.

The film, multi-lingual comic books, and NFTs tell the stories of persons of all colors, and faiths working together to end the war and affect positive social and environmental change worldwide to this very day.

“The 5 Powers film is a moving fusion of documentary footage, historic montage, and vivid animation that sends a powerful message of peace, It’s beautifully crafted and truly inspiring” Dave Gibbons (The Watchmen, Green Lantern).

The newly re-edited 2016 best movie award-winning film examines how each one of us can use The 5 Powers of Faith, Diligence, Mindfulness, Concentration, and Insight to help end war, heal ourselves, and heal our planet.

“The film is a social action roadmaps for renewal, reconciliation, and healing that amplify the wisdom of ancient practices for modern times.”  Emmy Award Winner Noam Dromi

The story also explores the creation and global impact of the 1957 comic book MLK and the Montgomery Story, the simple but revolutionary account of the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott, in which Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and 50,000 others used the power of nonviolence to battle segregation on city buses and won – the comic was created by FOR-USA’s Alfred Hassler and personally endorsed by Martin Luther King, Jr. himself.

Martin Luther King Jr. King nominated Thich Nhat Hanh for the 1967 Nobel Peace Prize.

Film Screenings and Comics

The May 2022 Online World Premiere will be followed by a Question & Answer session with the audience, and other special guests speakers.

Columbia University Fall 2022

The 5 Powers Revolution has been Invited to present the film as well as having The 5 Powers multi-lingual comics in Columbia’s permanent and public “Comics & Graphics Novel collections.

The film and comic books will be released in May by Director Gregory Kennedy in association with The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR-USA).

Comic/NFT Collectors Digital NFT and Print Edition comics will be released by May 1. 

25% of the net income from the film, multi-lingual comics, and NFT sales will be donated to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation and FOR-USA, the largest, oldest interfaith peace, and justice organization in the United States, of which both Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. King were members.

The 5 Powers Revolution is directed and produced by Gregory Kennedy and written by Gretl Satorius with narration by Emma Jordan-Simpson. Executive Producers are Noam Dromi and Anthony Nicotera.

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