G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), also known as seven-(pass)-transmembrane domain receptors, play a pervasive physiological and pathophysiological role in humans. They are major therapeutic targets and have long been of interest to the pharmaceutical industry. GPCR drug discovery is a complex, multi-step process across different disciplines. Recent technological advances in uncovering protein-protein interactions, structural determination and analysis, and developing specific antibodies and derivatives have brought new opportunities for the discovery of drugs targeting established and novel GPCR targets, further improving knowledge and drug discovery capabilities.

CD BioSciences now provides a series of professional services, innovative technologies and advanced platforms to accelerate GPCR drug discovery. It has experienced scientists who can provide the most robust services and one-stop solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner, and can work closely with clients to help overcome their challenges. Various new services are included in this release, such as GPCR Target Identification, GPCR Target Validation, GPCR Ligand Identification, GPCR Drug Design, and Anti-GPCR Antibody Discovery.

On example is the GPCR Target Identification service. Target identification is the cornerstone of successful drug development. Given the declining rate of new drugs targeting GPCRs on the market, expectations for GPCR target identification need to be kept high. CD BioSciences offers customized services based on different approaches to help customers accelerate target identification.

For the GPCR Ligand Identification service, with the further elucidation of the mechanisms by which different ligands regulate GPCR function, a better understanding of ligands enables the discovery of new ligands, especially for orphan and understudied GPCRs that may be used as therapeutic targets. CD BioSciences provides comprehensive services and one-stop solutions for identifying novel ligands that can selectively modulate GPCR target activity with high efficiency.

Another example is the GPCR Drug Design service. Studying the interaction of biologically active compounds from the perspective of molecular structure or physicochemical properties is of great significance for drug design. The use of GPCR structures and new biophysical techniques offers new opportunities. CD BioSciences provides clients with customized knowledge-driven drug design for GPCRs to meet their specific needs.

CD BioSciences provides comprehensive and professional gene-based solutions for GPCR research and drug development. Its scientific team has years of experience and can provide customized services and one-stop solutions in its fully equipped laboratory. If you are interested in GPCR drug discovery services or have any specific needs, please visit its site at https://www.progpcr.com.

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