TVS Music Guild has established a YouTube Channel for its 2,000 song Capehart Music Treasury catalog. The songs have been produced by Capehart Music Treasury in the easy listening format and feature the top songs of the 20th Century.

Genres include Album Oriented Rock, Rock + Roll, Jazz, Blues, Country, Disco, Swing, Big Band, Pop songs. The songs can be heard on the Capehart Music Treasury channel on YouTube. They are also on the 48 channel TVS Radio service.

The songs are also now available on the Google Podcast Service.

Capehart Music Treasury songs are produced in the TVS Music Studios in Bakersfield, Reno, and Las Vegas. They are easy listening renditions of the top songs of the 20th Century.

The songs are available for digital distribution from iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, and Amazon as well as YouTube. They are available on CD in stores nationwide. Collectors LPs are available on a direct to consumer basis.

Capehart Music Treasury songs are utilized as soundtracks to TV shows such as TVS Senior Prom, TVS Boomin Reunion, and TVS Midnight Refrain. TVS handles all such licensing for movies, TV shows, commercials, and nontheatrical uses.

TVS Music Guild was established in 1987. TVS Television Network was established in 1960. TVS Radio Network was established in 1958.

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