LegCo President respects Mrs Carrie Lam’s decision not to seek CE re-election


​The following is issued on behalf of the Legislative Council Secretariat:

     The President of the Legislative Council (LegCo), Mr Andrew Leung, said today (April 4) that he respects the decision of the Chief Executive (CE), Mrs Carrie Lam, not to seek re-election. He commends Mrs Lam for her dedication and commitment to serving the people of Hong Kong.

     Mr Leung expresses gratitude to Mrs Lam for her unfailing efforts in maintaining effective communication with the Legislature. With strong determination, Mrs Lam committed herself to the role of CE and at the same time braved the difficulties despite all the challenges that arose during her term of office. Mr Leung wishes her a happy and fulfilling life with her family after leaving the office.

     Mr Leung believes that under the improved electoral system, the sixth term CE will certainly be patriotic and capable who loves Hong Kong and our country, and ensure the faithful implementation of the “one country, two systems”.

     Mr Leung stresses that LegCo will, as in the past, continue to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities of monitoring and cooperating with the Government in the administration of Hong Kong. For the common goals of improving people’s livelihood and achieving good governance, LegCo will maintain a positive and interactive relationship with the Executive Authorities and do its utmost to facilitate smooth transition of the SAR Government.