Nowadays TICKEN is a recognized educational institution registered in the Central Register for Short Vocational Education.

Recently the number of customers exceeded 120,000 users over Europe, including Belgium, France, UK, German.

The first business idea came up when Martin Beijer bought an expensive typing course for his daughter and realized the exercises were boring and ineffective.

Statistics show, 68% of students report that a gamified course is more motivating than a traditional one.

Martin saw a great startup opportunity and developed his own game-based approach.

The successful launch of TICKEN confirmed Martin’s hypothesis that game-based products have a great business potential.

So he decided to scale up and released several similar projects in related segments.

Now TICKEN involves also an eLearning platform for selling driving theory online courses called “TET ” and recently has launched math and language courses for kids called “EXTRAAS “.

From the beginning and until now, eLearning development company Belitsoft has been a reliable technology partner of Martin Beijer. As a result, all his three platforms (TICKEN, TET, EXTRAAS) were implemented in collaboration with Belitsoft.

Martin Beijer, serial entrepreneur, founder of TICKEN:

“Having such a professional team at my hand as Belitsoft I was able to implement my own teaching method and reach such a success. They showed an enormous amount of knowledge and skills on eLearning technology consulting me on the usage of standard LMS features and developing a number of unique features for me. Belitsoft supports the project totally to adopt the course for every country and language, customizing and embedding games to the learning process.”

Dmitry Baraishuk , Chief Technical Officer, Belitsoft:

“According to the research by Global Market Insights, eLearning Market size surpassed USD 200 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to grow at over 8% CAGR between 2020 and 2026. Dell Technologies reported that 98% of Gen Z-ers have used technology as a platform in their formal education. The COVID-19 pandemic has also increased the demand for online learning solutions in K-12, high education, and corporate domains. We are proud to have such a passionate eLearning client as TICKEN that offers children and adults more accessible, and effective educational tools.”


TICKEN B.V. is an internet-based touch-typing, driving theory, math and language courses institute started in the Netherlands by Martin Beijer. The project provides low-cost courses for children and adults to make learning enjoyable and quick, to pass exams, and get the certificate. The project won the 2010 Netherlands e-Commerce Starter Award. The company does business in a climate-neutral way. It compensates the CO2 emissions related to its server. TICKEN generates electricity itself with 40 solar panels. For more information, visit

About Belitsoft

Belitsoft has been developing educational software and providing eLearning application development services for EU, UK, and US clients since 2004. The company has completed 110+ eLearning projects and has earned the trust of brands like eLearningForce, LMS 365, EzyEducation, TICKEN, Technicolor SA, and more. For more information, visit