“Game meat is meat the way it’s supposed to be,” Patricia Springer, the founder and CEO of Perfeito Foods said. “The animal’s diet, an organic diet of plants from the woods and fields, makes the meat healthy. With the addition of a Perfeito Foods spice blend, we’re able to enhance the flavor and reduce the gaminess without overpowering the true nature of this majestic meat.”

Like all game meats, moose has a unique flavor. It’s also very lean, so getting lots of flavor from spices is a must. Using the right spice blend and proper cooking, you can coax a whole new level of flavor from a delicious moose burger.

To see this delicious recipe being made, go to: https://perfeitofoods.com/blogs/news/moose-burger

Perfeito No. 4, like all Perfeito spice blends, contains a unique blend of flavors. With sea salt, fresh garlic, and a selection of Brazilian-inspired spices, this is an outstanding way to make game meat taste amazing.

Perfeito also offers blends designed especially for beef, poultry, and fish, to make sure everything tastes like the homemade meals that Patricia Springer remembers from her Brazilian childhood.

“Honestly, the spices I used by Perfeito, there’s nothing that I could find in a chain supermarket that would taste this flavorful and fresh. I basically use them every time I cook… We really did enjoy them. They were also a unique blend I’d never had before.” – Mark Gucciardi- Chef de Cuisine – Culinary Institute of America Graduate

Perfeito, as a brand, was born during the summer of 2020, but its story goes back to Patricia Springer’s childhood in Brazil. When she was a child, her mother used the same basic blend of herbs and spices to bring out the flavor of her recipes. She vividly remembers the wonderful aroma that would fill the house. Perfeito Foods was created to bring those amazing flavors and aromas to everyone’s home. Offering hand-blended culinary delights, this family-owned company delivers the outstanding tastes of Brazil to their customers around the country and around the world.