The inspiring little Texas Chili Company “that could” goes to the show just in time for their big anniversary.

What could be more perfect than opening day at a Houston Astros or Texas Rangers game with a hot dog in hand topped with famous Texas Chili? It’s celebrating the anniversary of the company that partly made it possible. Enter the Lone Star State’s very own Texas Chili Company. Having started decades ago with brick chili made from a beloved old recipe, the company still supplies its products to happy customers throughout Texas and the surrounding states. Now, they mark their 70th year in business with an announcement. They are the new official hot dog and chili supplier to both the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros. Baseball, Texas Chili, and a premium beef hot dog, anyone?

“We’re grateful that 2021 was a big year for us, and we’re starting 2022 off strong. Being a family-owned company has allowed us to adapt to the changing market conditions with an agility that ensures we keep our partners supplied with products. It shows because now, we’re happy to partner with two of Texas’ most iconic teams. To say we’re thrilled to represent them with great food is an understatement,” said company president Garret Flynt.

With a devotion to what made them an industry standout, Texas Chili Company has stayed true to its roots. With their Texas-made products, the company is on a mission to embody honesty and integrity as they supply high-quality foods to business partners and customers alike. But, what does that mean to the consumer? The company’s beef chili is fresh, not canned. The product’s only preservative is the small portion of salt used in the seasoning process.

Flynt adds, “Our old-fashioned chili pairs perfectly with our premium beef hot dogs. But don’t take our word for it. Come to a ballgame and get a few for yourself.”

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President, Texas Chili Company



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About Texas Chili Company

Based in Fort Worth, the Texas Chili Company is a USDA inspected manufacturing facility specializing in prepared beef chili & hot dogs. Family-owned and operated, it was founded in 1952.