The Podcast Awards are hosted by Quill, the world’s most prominent podcasting agency who works with the largest brands and podcasters. Quill annually recognizes the top companies and podcasters for the mark they make on the podcasting industry. The nomination for the award is determined by countless podcasters, podcast fans, podcast producers, and others in the industry casting their votes.

CrowdUltra was selected as one of the top five for being the only social platform tailored for the podcasting world, focused on engagement, community, and enhancing podcasts. CrowdUltra enables podcasters to connect with their audiences about anything surrounding their podcast, every episode, what else they’re up to, and in general on a daily basis. Podcasters can showcase any necessary audio/video and information, spotlight sponsors to increase awareness and profits, sell merchandise/tickets directly within the platform, export all of their audience’s emails to reach out beyond the platform, and email their entire audience within CrowdUltra.

CrowdUltra’s CEO Riley Moore elaborated on why they were selected:

“At this point in time when most people think of marketing, they think of social media marketing. With marketing on social platforms being vital, CrowdUltra is the best platform for podcasters to be actively utilizing. Our social platform connects podcasters with their crowds better than any other social platform, allowing them to reach 100% of their following at all times instead of