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For those seeking to live a life of greater meaning and fulfillment, Ruth Cherry’s book, “Matters of the Heart,” offers a path to passion and creativity. When Good People are hurt, we say to ourselves, “Be quiet  Make other people comfortable.” When we are angry we say, “Don’t make waves.”  When we are needy, we say “Think of all the folks who really have it bad. Don’t be selfish.”  We have a silencing response for whatever voice arises within us.


An undeniable correlation exists between our choices to ignore aspects of our inner world and our outer world experiences. In her book, “Matters of the Heart,” Ruth states that “healing occurs when conflicts are resolved on an unconscious level.” And then she teaches readers how to know and work with their inner world subpersonalities to heal.


About “Matters of the Heart,” Fr. John Alexis-Vierek, a Psychosynthesis Therapist, a U.N. World Peace Delegate, and the author of “The Integration of the Shadow in the New Age” says: “This is a terrific self-help book! The presentation is practical, experiential, and immediately accessible, yet solidly grounded in gestalt, psychosynthesis and Jungian theory…case studies move readers directly into their own inner experience.”

Readers who are curious about the magic and mystery of their inner world will appreciate “Matters of the Heart.” All of Ruth’s books are available from her website,, from Amazon and from Bookside Press.