The fast pace and flexibility required for modern application development have led many companies to choose public cloud solutions for their DevOps teams. While public cloud solutions may meet some of these organizations’ demands, companies may also be able to get the self-service of a public cloud solution via a private, on-premises solution, such as those available in the Dell Technologies APEX portfolio. Principled Technologies set up a solution using Dell Technologies APEX Private Cloud and APEX Data Storage Services running a VMware vSphere with Tanzu environment to validate several management use cases.

According to PT, “we successfully used a VMware vSphere with Tanzu environment running on Dell Technologies APEX Private Cloud and APEX Data Storage Services solutions to perform the following real-world tasks:

• Set up self-service namespaces that can enable DevOps teams to create resources within established quotas

• Set up self-service for VMs and Kubernetes clusters, which can enable dev teams to create and destroy said resources at will

• Set up storage policies that can allow dev teams to assign storage with specific QoS to VMs and clusters

With these abilities, your DevOps team can enjoy self-service in their private IT infrastructure while ITOps maintains overall control of resources.”

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