Nandan Nilekani’s new book releases on Monday, 17th January. Titled The Art of Bitfulness, the book is co-authored with Tanuj Bhojwani, a Fellow at iSPIRT foundation.

In interviews with various media outlets, the authors claim this book is for anyone that struggles to keep calm in the digital world. With the Omicron strain of COVID-19 running rampant and offices closing down, we are all soon to fall under this category.

Covering topics such as productivity, procrastination and time management, The Art of Bitfulness is a practical guide to getting work done in the distracting environment of the virtual world.

The Art of Bitfulness is Nandan Nilekani’s third book. His previous books are Imagining India and Rebooting India, co-authored with Viral Shah.

The book has received significant media interest as it gives a glimpse into Nilekani’s personal digital habits. It presents a system on getting work done on our devices, which is based on his own system, refined over many years.

The book also discusses device addiction and how to overcome it. This is crucial reading for parents concerned about screen time and its ill effects. The authors write about social media, suggesting a unique way to maintain privacy and avoid mindless scrolling.

Finally, The Art of Bitfulness addresses collective issues in tech. The authors point out the flaws in the current model of building new technologies, and argue for a different model that has already been implemented in India.

The Authors:

Nandan Nilekani is Co-Founder and Chairman of Infosys. He is also Co-Founder and Chairman of EkStep, a not-for-profit organization that works to improve the literacy and numeracy of children in India. He lives in Bengaluru.

Tanuj Bhojwani is a Fellow at iSPIRT. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, and has attended the Young India Fellowship at Ashoka University. He works on policy issues related to digital identity, payments, data protection and drones.


The Art of Bitfulness is published by Penguin Random House.

The Art of Bitfulness is available for pre-order on Amazon and releases in bookstores everywhere on Monday, 17th January 2022


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