Citing exciting ratings for the local premier of the pilot episode of The Polish Cooking Show, Chicago’s WTTW has greenlighted the program for 12 more episodes. The full season will then air nationally on PBS. In fact, eight out of ten adults watch cooking shows.

Conceived as a companion piece to the wildly popular Flavor of Poland, the pilot episode of The Polish Cooking Show premiered just before Thanksgiving to Chicago audiences. When the show airs to national audiences it has a projected reach of over 17,900,000 households over 13 episodes. Each episode has the potential to be broadcast hundreds of times over a two-year period.

New episodes of The Polish Cooking Show will begin shooting as soon as show producer Love & Light Productions selects and attaches sponsors. On PBS, sponsors help fund the shows and in return get to air brand identifying messages at the top and bottom of each episode, as well as other marketing advantages. It’s similar to advertising, but more effective and with more bells and whistles.

Part of the appeal of The Polish Cooking Show is the unique premise. The show celebrates an old Polish custom. In the Polish tradition, when a young man gets married, it is his mother’s duty to take her new daughter-in-law under her wing and teach her the family recipes and the stories and customs that go with them.

“What the pilot proved is that you don’t have to be Polish to enjoy The Polish Cooking Show,” adds producer Rikki Lee Travolta, although he is happy to point out that he is 25% Polish. “Anybody who loves cooking shows or programs about different cultures is going to love spending time in the kitchen with Mama Ala and her daughter-in-law Natalie Rokita.”

There are over 9 million Polish Americans around the country. The Polish Cooking show shares the beauty of the European country’s food, culture, and traditions. It’s one-part cultural education and one part cooking show, all wrapped up with two charismatic cooks in the kitchen.

“At the end of the day, the show is about love,” explains Travolta. “It’s about love of Polish culture, love of Polish food, and love of each other.”

For more information on sponsorship of The Polish Cooking Show, visit:

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