Dr Maiysha Clairborne

Dr Maiysha Clairborne

ATLANTAJan. 11, 2022PRLog — With the Great Resignation impacting hundreds of companies and healthcare organizations, and institutions, having effective DEI interventions inside an organization is essential for organizations wanting to grow and thrive in this new age. In order to fully dismantle a system that has been in place for over 500 years, it takes a multi-factorial approach. Many diversity leaders are focusing on changing policies, hiring practices, and systemic allyship. Others are focusing on implementing programs that empower support and resources for specific affinity groups.

Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, physician, communication specialist, TEDx speaker, and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) trainer is committed to bringing a new approach to the DEI space.  Neurolinguistic programming is the study of language and the mind, specifically, how the mind produces specific thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors.  In studying these processes, one can learn to implement new thought patterns and tools of communication that increase effectiveness and engagement in any interaction.

It does that by increasing competency in three major areas:

1.  Emotional Intelligence

  • Connecting with one’s own internal feelings, thoughts, emotions. Often times harmful reactions come from an unawareness of one’s own emotional triggers. NLP can reconnect one with their emotions giving them a sense of emotional self-awareness that leads to the “pause” often needed to craft an appropriate response.
  • Neurolinguistic programming increases one’s awareness and sensitivity to other people’s emotions as well. With this awareness, they are able to respond in a manner that makes the listener feel seen and heard.
  • Through certain techniques, NLP training can also help one learn to effectively manage their emotions in a way that keeps one from causing harm and keeps them the most productive when they need to be.

2.  When Emotional intelligence is present, communication intelligence is much more likely.  Neuro linguistic Programming training increases Communication Intelligence by:

  • Showing the most effective way to communicate your experience without harming another
  • Teaching the most effective way to listen to another’s experience without judgement
  • Giving tools on how to manage and resolve conflict easily between people with ease and have them see each other’s point of view.
  • Teaching how to guide conversations for the least resistance and the most effective outcomes in shorter time frames.
  • Shows one how to listen and ask questions in a way that gets to the root of problems and conflicts so that you can more quickly begin to focus on solutions

3.   A very important aspect of DEI work that doesn’t often get talked about is understanding & respect for other people’s mental models and world experience. When you incorporate this aspect of NLP, it:

  • Gives you more rapport, therefore less resistance with employees and colleagues
  • Creates better collaboration and team work which increases creativity and productivity
  • Creates opportunity for growth and advancement of the company because you can respect and appreciate someone’s work without have to agree with everything about them personally

Adding and including NLP training in any DEI framework will ultimately increase emotional intelligence and communication intelligence and make the efforts and leaders and organizations who implement these programs more effective therefore making the organization more desirable and cutting edge which will  ultimately increase their retention, growth, and expansion in your organization.

To learn more about Dr. Clairborne’s Mind ReMapping NLP Certifications, Executive Coaching, and Corporate Programs, visit www.mindremappingacademy.com