Rabbi Aryeh Weinstein launched My Bar Mitzvah Prep School last month to help Jewish boys prepare for their Bar Mitzvahs.

The Bar Mitzvah Prep School is a customizable online course for Jewish Boys and parents to prepare for this special time in their lives. Boys can learn at their own pace from the comfort of their own homes, while parents get to embrace the experience with their sons.

The course includes twenty 15-minute lessons, a 30-minute post-course mentoring session, online email support, and a personalized acrylic plaque upon completion. It also includes a number of valuable add-ons such as speech support, a Hebrew reading mini-course, chanting lessons, and coaching for parents.

“Preparing for Bar Mitzvah shouldn’t be a chore,” Rabbi Weinstein says. “I’ve heard many recollections of the often rote and tedious nature of Bar Mitzvah preparation. Those stories inspired me to create an alternative. With a virtual format, Jewish boys can enjoy the lessons when it suits his schedule and when he’s at his best.”

About My Bar Mitzvah Prep School

My Bar Mitzvah Prep School is a virtual, online course that helps Jewish boys and parents alike prepare for Bar Mitzvah. It features twenty 15-minute lessons and a number of valuable and optional add-ons. Learn more at mybarmitzvahprep.com.

My Bar Mitzvah Prep School

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