Many parents are fearful of “having to teach” their children. This fear is unnecessary when the parent learns the appropriate skills. Parents often need an enabling reference to develop these skills and understanding; “Create a Great Homeschool Experience” is the perfect reference.


In today’s educational system, Kuhlman hopes to help resolve some common misunderstandings between parents and educators, and mitigate the fears of parents interested in homeschooling as the education of students at home has proven incredibly successful, providing students more options to attain their own path to success.


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Create a Great Homeschool Experience: Learn to Teach in Your Home For Your Child’s Success

Author: Jeffrey L. Kuhlman

Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers

Publication Date: May 31, 2019

Genre: Primary and secondary education, Homeschooling

Target Audience: Parents who have interest in home schooling. Parents who need more background in education to improve their effectiveness when dealing with school administrations.


About the Author

Jeffrey L. Kuhlman is an experienced educator and has worked internationally for many years as an educator and as ship’s Master.


As a founding member of Nova Southeastern University’s Disaster and Emergency Management Master’s Degree program, he has written and taught its maritime curriculum. Currently an Education Consultant and Student Learning Advocate, he is a member of the KUHLMANS teaching and presentation team under the name Classroom CPR. He has spoken to and trained education professionals in classroom management and differentiated learning.


Though retired, Capt. Kuhlman has written for several trade magazines and has speaks publicly on the topic of Best Practices in Maritime Security and Defense Training. Prior to his career at sea, he was a licensed History teacher in New Jersey and taught language in the Republic of South Korea. Capt. He has worked in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa. He is an expert in maritime security and the originator of the Castle Shipboard Security Program. The Castle Shipboard Security Program provides advanced training in shipboard security and vessel defense for maritime professionals, law enforcement, maritime security operatives, and veterans within the scope of international and US conventions.


Kuhlman is a combat Veteran from Vietnam. He honorably served in the Navy, with the U.S. Marine Corps and in the Army.