Correctional officers stop attempted escape


     Correctional officers at Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre stopped a person in custody attempting to escape today (January 8).

     At about 6.59pm, the 22-year-old male person in custody suddenly dashed to the slope towards the perimeter wall and attempted to escape when he was escorted by correctional officers from the day room back to the dormitory. Officers immediately chased after him to apprehend him. The person in custody was soon subdued by the officers. The person in custody did not sustain any injury. Two officers sustained injuries to their legs in the course of chasing. After receiving examination and treatment from the medical officer at the centre hospital, the officers were referred to a public hospital for further treatment. The case has been referred to the Police for investigation.

     The person in custody has been suffering from mental illness and was sentenced to hospital order for the offence of theft.