MetaSpace Real Estate Investment Trust (MREIT), a subsidary of KleinCap Investments, has announced its partnership with Toronto-based Chisvin Group Real Estate, founded by top PSR agent, Joshua Chisvin. Together the companies will work on identifying, buying, leasing, and marketing properties for MREIT’s residential and retail portfolio in the metaverse.

Over the last decade, Chisvin Group has specialised in traditional real estate investment, providing unique strategies with above average returns for their clients. In 2020, Chisvin Group launched their own fund backed by clients and investors, and by 2021 it grew to over $10,000,000 in holdings.

“We’re always looking for the next investment option for our clients beyond the condo and big city markets,” Chisvin said. “Our partnership with MREIT allows us to be on the forefront of the future.”

Chisvin said that for a space which is growing and becoming more saturated each day, he believes MREIT will be a clear leader in the industry. “They’re focused on acquiring and developing key parcels of land, but they’re also focused on innovating the space and shifting how we go about purchasing real estate in both the metaverse and the real world. What they’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time is nothing short of astonishing. Their knowledge and experience in the DeFi space paired with their background in real estate is really unique.”

Chisvin said he started noticing the growth and potential of MREIT in November of 2021. When MREIT’s ICO launched on PancakeSwap earlier this month, the company reached a market cap of nearly $55 million, skyrocketing past their initial $15 million market cap goal. Since then, MREIT’s Smart Contracts have been fully audited and verified by SolidProof, a leading cryptocurrency auditing firm, and they have plans to launch on CMC in the coming weeks. The news made waves across social media, gaining traction from some of cryptocurrency’s biggest influencers.

The founder of MREIT, Eric Klein, said that while the company’s success and support has been incredible, MREIT’s partnership with Chisvin Group is a major component to the company’s roadmap for 2022. With a date set for mid-January to begin acquiring new properties for their residential and retail portfolio, Eric believes that having an experienced name brand brokerage on board is an essential benchmark for MREIT’s success.

“Josh is the perfect partner for us. He and his team have built a wildly successful real estate business in Canada and his energy and experience is unmatched,” Eric said. ”By joining forces, MREIT will have unbeatable expertise along with exclusive access to top industry contacts from sales support to development initiatives.”

With NFT announcements coming in the summer of next year, MREIT and Chisvin Group plan to build an ecosystem of realtors, investors, architects, builders, retailers, and developers that will change the way consumers approach real estate. The partnership will allow everyday investors to easily access virtual real estate in a way that was previously unobtainable.

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