Less Invasive Procedure Allows Patients to Skip the Usual Hospital Stay and Go Home the Same Day

Doctors at Huntingdon Valley Surgery Center, a Virtua Health/Surgical Care Affiliate (SCA) state of the art outpatient surgery facility, located in Huntingdon Valley, PA, announced this week that they have successfully conducted knee joint replacement surgery that allows patients to return home the same day as the procedure. The Center announced they have conducted two of these surgeries, with positive patient outcomes, and have eight more scheduled in January 2022.

According to Dr. Robert E. Mannherz, who performed the surgery, “We’re very excited about this new procedure because it gives our patients the opportunity to recover in the comfort of their own homes where there is far less risk of post-procedural infection.”

Another benefit of the new procedure at HVSC is the cost and time savings it gives the patient.  Because the surgery can be conducted on an outpatient basis and in a high-quality Physician lead, Virtua Health/SCA surgery center, there’s no need for a costly hospital stay, and patients can get back to their normal lives more quickly. Surgery at a licensed surgery center can cost about half as much as the same surgery performed at a hospital, saving the patient and the insurance company money.

Outpatient surgeries procedures are growing in popularity and acceptance. Outpatient surgeries are expected to make up 25% of total joint replacements in 2022 and 50% by 2026.

Studies show patients who have outpatient total joint procedures have a quicker short-term recovery than those who choose to do the surgery at a hospital. The long-term success rate (over years) is the same for both types of surgery.

For more information about Huntingdon Valley’s joint replacement surgery, call Dr. Mannherz’s office to arrange a consultation at (215) 947-5395.

About Huntingdon Valley Surgery Center

Huntingdon Valley Surgery Center is a state of the art, multispecialty, licensed outpatient surgery facility, serving Northeast Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Owned and operated by local doctors in partnership VIRTUA Health and SCA, Huntingdon Valley is at the forefront of innovative medical procedures in a comfortable non-hospital environment. It has been recognized as one of the top 88 Surgical Care Affiliates centers on Newsweek’s 2022 list of Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers.