During a recent interview published in the New York Style Guide, Danny Tran spoke candidly about his company’s founding and unveiled plans to launch a marketing and business school for beauty professionals in 2022.

Founded in 2018 in the California Bay Area, Highstoke Media quickly grew into a multi-million dollar business by providing an innovative system for marketing beauty services. Highstoke eliminates the problems associated with acquiring clients and allows artists to focus on their art. To further help clients grow their business, the company plans to educate beauty professionals about business and advertising through The Highstoke Academy.

CEO and Founder of Highstoke Media, Danny Tran, never thought he would work in the beauty industry. However, after leaving his job in Silicon Valley, Tran focused his energy on discovering for himself what drives individuals to buy a product or service. While he worked in various industries, his work with a friend’s microblading business introduced him to an industry that lacked a viable marketing method.

“When I started my marketing career, I really didn’t know where it would take me,” remarked Tran. “But, when I started working with beauty professionals, I realized I had discovered an untapped market. I met talented people who struggled to know how to get more PMU clients, and I knew I could help.”

With Tran at the helm, Highstoke Media has grown from a small start-up into a top marketing partner over the past three years. They have helped over 1100 artists expand their client base and fill their appointment calendars. The Highstoke Academy will allow hundreds of these artists to learn new business and marketing skills. Tran and his team plan to welcome their first class in 2022.

“We regularly partner with make-up artists from Mexico, Colombia, the Philippines, and many more,” said Tran. “Launching the Highstoke Academy will allow us not only to reach more individuals, but we will be able to teach them skills they can use on their own to build their client base and market their services. They will learn first hand how to grow a PMU business.”

Highstoke Media is an official partner of the Vegas PMU Conference. They have also been featured in Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed, and Digital Journal. They handle both marketing and sales for their clients and work with some of the most notable names in the beauty industry.

To learn more about Highstoke Media and how they help PMU artists grow their business and acquire new clients visit www.highstoke-media.com.

About Highstoke Media

Highstoke Media is a global multi-million dollar marketing partner impacting the lives of thousands of PMU artists around the world. They aim to help worldwide PMU artists build their dream business so they never have to worry about new clients again, while helping them serve more people and impact their community.