“Merlin: The Future is in Your Hands” is a remarkably creative exploration of the future of work seen through the lens of the Arthurian myth, based on the real life experience of author José A. Mejía.

Entrepreneurs and other rising business leaders are facing challenges that can be difficult to overcome without the right mentorship. In exciting news, high energy publishing house The Light Network is here to help. The Light Network recently announced the release of “Merlin: The Future is in Your Hands”, by author and seasoned business expert José A. Mejía. “Merlin” approaches the challenges of business leadership and success in a completely unique way, designed to educate while also entertaining. Mejia reveals himself as a remarkable source of eye-opening business wisdom, that also serves to develop a better, stronger self. Mejia is co-founder of Merlin, a relationship investment firm where he and his partners use their expertise as Mentor Capital to foster business growth and transform traditional verticals. His expertise includes big data, mobility, manufacturing, and software development.

“I came to the United States from Venezuela with almost nothing in my teens and I have seen my dreams come true,” commented the clearly passionate and driven author. “It’s my pleasure to be able to breakdown my own experiences in a way that provides actionable idea to other entrepreneurs on the rise.”

“Merlin” is built on the foundation that that every leader of change aspires to become Merlin – that wise counselor in the Arthurian sagas – without ever losing sight of their King Arthur. A teacher and a guide. He wasn’t hoping to get credit for molding a king, not working for credit or ego but for the good of all. Meija is convincing in his belief that change-leaders need to embody the spirit of Merlin, do the impossible, navigate obstacles, in a way that seems like magic. His own life is a case study in how this is a dream that can come true and can be modeled by others motivated by the same kind of vision.

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