Illustrations by Sampson The Artist one sale as NFT.

Successful technology entrepreneurs Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene and Frederick Akpoghene venture into the literary world with the debut of their first book, Started in the DM: Using Social Media to Find the One—available everywhere now. Get it at

If readers have ever wondered how to start a conversation online and turn it into a longstanding relationship, this book presents the roadmap. It doubles as a guidebook for professionals and entrepreneurs to navigate the online dating landscape. Dawn and Frederick are living proof of the advice shared in the book. Their direct message ‘DM’ on Instagram kickstarted their relationship and led to marriage within six months.

Together, they share “do’s and don’ts” of online dating, such as how to engage in conversations, how to stand out, and how to successfully take a connection from online to offline.

“Online dating and social media should not have a stigma,” Dawn states. “It is an opportunity to expand your network and dating pool. As long as you do it intentionally and respectfully, you can find the one like we did.”

To accompany the release of the book, a special NFT gallery of the original artwork featured in Started in the DM art by Sampson The Artist just went live at

Dawn and Frederick both led undeniably busy lives. Ohio-born entrepreneur, inventor, businesswoman, yoga teacher, angel investor, energy healer, and speaker, Dawn had founded both Flat Out Heels and future-facing vending machine solution PopCom. At the same time, Frederick had made waves as a technology C.E.O. and entrepreneur with JéGO Technologies, Scizzrs, and Abovav Inc. Finding time to date proved virtually impossible for the both of them. One day, Dawn posted a meme on her Instagram story, “Find a woman who doesn’t need to be taken care of and take care of her.” To which Frederick replied, “Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially is a given.” Online conversations gave way to marathon phone calls and finally meeting in person. They were engaged within five months.

As the relationship and their careers progressed, another tweet kickstarted the process behind the book. Dawn posted a holiday picture with the caption, “Started in the DM…now we’re here.” Going viral, she received countless messages and inquiries as to how she and Frederick made it work. Frederick saw an opportunity to build a community with the book as a gateway, so they set about writing it in 2021.

They say, “Now, it’s here to help you find love online.”

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About Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene & Frederick Akpoghene

Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene and Frederick Akpoghene met on Instagram in 2019 and married 6 months later. They share their online dating advice in their debut book entitled, ”Started in the DM”.