7CTOs is proud to announce Lu Saenz, CTO at Flock Freight, as the recipient of the Michael Saul CTO of the Year Award. Each year, a member of the CTO community is recognized for extraordinary leadership and a forward-thinking mindset that is impacting all aspects of their business including their company’s growth, profitability, functionality and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Previous recipients of the Michael Saul CTO of the Year Award, include:

· 2020: Anup Marwadi, CEO at HyperTrends Global Inc.

· 2019: Meetesh Karia, CTO at The Zebra

· 2018: Matt Ferguson, CTO at Galley Solutions

About Lu Saenz:

A founding member of the Flock Freight Team, Lu was promoted to Chief Technology Officer of the company in April 2021. Lu has been pivotal to the development of the software platform and proprietary algorithms that underpin the company’s shared truckload solution. He draws on 20+ years of experience building innovative products and leading high performance software engineering teams. Prior to Flock Freight, he worked as principal software engineer at Oracle, and then led product development at SaaS startups from initial traction through growth and successful exits.

About Flock Freight:

In October 2021, less than a year after it closed its Series C, Flock Freight raised a $215 million Series D round, making it the industry’s most recent unicorn at a valuation of more than $1 billion. Flock Freight’s software-driven “shared truckload” service called FlockDirect is serves as carpooling for shipping customers, letting them pool their goods and avoid terminals and hub transfers in the process. By using probability pricing algorithms, the company pools midsized freight from multiple shippers that are all heading in the same direction.

About 7CTOs:

7CTOs is a community for Chief Technology Officers and technology leaders that centers around professionally-facilitated gatherings. Each group meets monthly in “think-tank rooms,” specifically equipped to foster innovative thinking. In addition to forum groups, members engage in 1-on-1 coaching sessions and world-class events that bring CTOs together from around the world to discuss relevant topics and solve problems for their organizations.



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