S for S and heads of disciplined services departments appeal to colleagues to vote in LegCo election (with photo)


     The 2021 Legislative Council (LegCo) General Election will be held this Sunday (December 19). The Secretary for Security, Mr Tang Ping-keung, issued an email today (December 13) to colleagues in the Security Bureau and members of disciplined services departments, appealing them to cast votes on the polling day by exercising their civil rights to elect capable LegCo members. The heads of six disciplined services departments under the Security Bureau (SB) also reminded their colleagues to vote.


     “This is the first LegCo election after improving the electoral system and implementing ‘patriots administering Hong Kong’. Members of the public are expecting the new-term of the LegCo to function effectively and serve diligently for the good of the people. Voting is not only a civil right every eligible elector enjoys, but also a responsibility every citizen who loves Hong Kong should shoulder. As public officers, as core members of the Government, we are obliged to take practical action to support this election,” Mr Tang said.


     He appealed to colleagues to not only vote, but also encourage their families and friends to support this significant election, using their votes to elect representatives in the LegCo to lay a solid foundation for the implementation of ‘patriots administering Hong Kong’, thereby contributing to the future development of the city.


     Since this election is of large scale, Mr Tang emphasised that the SB and its disciplined services departments had geared up to ensure the election could be conducted in a safe and orderly manner without any disturbance.