With 2022 maintenance fees on the horizon, the TUG marketplace is seeing a significant increase in the number of Timeshare Resales posted and sold!

As each year comes to a close, thousands of Timeshare owners receive their next years annual Maintenance Fee bills and each year more and more decide its time to Sell!

There is no end to the number of companies who claim to want to help you sell your Timeshare, and the vast majority of them all ask for large up front fees!

Timeshare Users Group has been around for nearly 30 years providing Timeshare owners extremely low cost and in many cases completely free options to sell or give away an unwanted Timeshare.

If you are considering ending your Timeshare ownership, the first place you need to visit is Timeshare Users Group and learn the truth about the Timeshare Resale market and what you can expect to encounter when swimming in these shark infested waters.

Knowledge is power, and with the new year approaching we will see more and more owners look to sell or otherwise dispose of unwanted Timeshares and those lucky enough to find Timeshare Users Group will save countless hours of wasted time, and save hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Finding TUG will be the best day of your Timeshare Lifetime and you will discover why the most common quote we hear is “I wish I had found you before I bought my Timeshare”

About Timeshare Users Group

The Timeshare Users Group (TUG) was the very first Timeshare website on the internet and has been Providing the truth about timeshares to owners for over 28 years!

Started in 1993 by a group of Timeshare Owners just like yourself, is a family run self-help organization providing an unbiased source of consumer oriented information and advice on Timeshares and the Timeshare concept. Here at TUG you get the truth about timeshares for FREE!