Soul Sticks is a promising NFT project that operates with a grand vision to spread positivity and mindfulness throughout the metaverse. They have just announced that their platform is now live for users to browse and understand the project. The collection encompasses 10,000 NFTs that are meticulously crafted by the crew, inspired by spirituality and nature.

Every piece in the collection is unique, randomly generated, and elegantly crafted with more than 200 traits, such as shoes, facial expressions, headwear, and much more. They have been designed to make you smile, breathe and remain calm while you traverse around digital world. They strive to achieve this through the playful and simplified cartoon depiction of nature, in stick men.

The project is a homage to the peacemakers, leaders and individuals who have contributed to the spiritual and mental evolution of the human race. To show their respect to these extraordinary individuals, they have earmarked 300 Soul Sticks to give to them for free. The list of people include Nobel Peace Prize winners, the Dalai Lama and the Pope. This will ensure the community has enlightened forward thinkers who can add benefits to discussions and talks given in the exclusive Soul Sticks Society.

Soul Sticks is a platform built with a robust base on the Solana network. Meaning the project technology is future proofed as Solana is known for its higher scalability and easy handling of network congestion. Therefore higher throughput, ultra-fast transaction, and low gas fees are guaranteed.

Soul Sticks is sure to spread a positive message which will benefit its society and in turn the wider world. It is likely to attract people who are positive and into mindfulness, people who are interested in developing themselves for the better. To guarantee the success of the society, the platform will allow minting of exclusive Soul Sticks once the followers on Twitter reach 10,000. They strongly believe that accomplishing this Himalayan task will bestow the community with the required energy to flourish.