The author believes success is living life to its fullest despite moments of struggle

No matter what good you try to do, there will be people and situations trying to put you down. Do you just sit helplessly, or do you take action? Breakthrough Leadership with Cindy Buxton, now for sale on Amazon, is a must-read for anyone who constantly faces struggles but cannot find the right way to deal with them. Cindy’s story will inspire you and give you tips on how you can overcome negatives and not let them develop.

Cindy Buxton has been self-employed since she was 19. As a hard-working Nebraska farm girl who didn’t have any desire to go to college, she chose to move to Minneapolis and attend photography school. After working for a studio for a little over a year, she stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. She enjoyed decades of capturing her clients’ special memories and making people smile. Her passion for helping people is fulfilled every day by helping her teammates overcome obstacles and work hard to create the life of their dreams. She gives her readers the same push by motivating them to follow their dreams, live the life they want, and push back against any negativity: “Don’t let anyone say you can’t do anything: prove you can. From time to time, things will come out of nowhere and try to knock you down.”

At a young age, Cindy was told that she couldn’t do what she set out to accomplish. Wanting to live the life she wanted and disprove her naysayers, she set out to become a photographer. This was not met without many challenges, which she handled by making careful life choices and fulfilling promises.

When the photography industry took a turn in a direction she did not expect, she found her niche in network marketing, showing that a solution would always present itself no matter what struggle she was going through. All she had to do was go for it, despite the many other changes going on in her life.

Change…it’s the only thing you can really count on. Months change, seasons change, life changes. Life is a continuous rollercoaster. Many changes came into our lives…,” says Cindy.

Breakthrough Leadership with Cindy Buxton will encourage its readers to live life to its fullest, even though change, good or bad, comes their way. Are you allowing change to negatively affect you? Cindy’s words will motivate you to live your life with no regrets and believe in yourself!

Brian Kreikemeier from B&B Video Productions has this to say about Cindy: ​​“Bold. Relentless. Always moving forward—that’s Cindy Buxton. I’ve been to lots of weddings with her. She was in the photography business. I shot a video. We sort of had parallel businesses. It was very motivating for me. Inspired me. She probably didn’t even realize that she was a leader, just by her example. As that business changed, she changed with it. Adapted. Expanded. Always learning. Developing more than just her business. Developing herself. Never giving up….”

Steve Paus, Chairman of the Board at CharterWest Bank, comments on Cindy’s positive attitude amid struggles: “I’ve watched her [Cindy] overcome numerous obstacles to survive and prosper in an industry that has been decimated by technological change. She is living proof that with a positive attitude, a willingness to adapt, and lots of hard work (and a good banker), an entrepreneur can control their own destiny in the hard-knocks world of business today.”

Breakthrough Leadership with Cindy Buxton is now for sale on Amazon.

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