Years ago, a wintertime stroll stirred a song in Deb Kitt’s heart. That song stayed with her for decades until, upon the birth of her first grandchild, she was inspired to finish it.

The song became a book inspired by her granddaughter and was published this year. Corinne, 3, lives in Japan, where her father is stationed with the U.S. Navy, so Kitt is unable to see her granddaughter or new grandson often.

“I wanted to show her how special she is to me,” Kitt said of her book, It’s a Beautiful Night, and the accompanying song of the same title. “Being so far away, you have to work at keeping the connection going, and a book is something that can carry energy and love with it. It can become a vessel for healing.”

Kitt, who is currently an intuitive healer known as Dr. Mom, wrote the song, “It’s a Beautiful Night” as a college student home for Christmas. She was walking home from a party and was struck by how the night’s fresh snow glistened beneath a full moon.

“It was just the most beautiful thing – so quiet and calm,” Kitt said. “I felt the overwhelming feeling of peace and the presence of God. The first two stanzas came to me then.”

Kitt sang the song to herself for decades, thinking of that night. As an intuitive healer and new grandmother, she felt compelled to finally bring the song to life to help Corinne and others find their special connection to God.

“It made a perfect children’s book,” she said. “As a child, I was afraid of the dark, but I learned to have faith in God and find comfort in him. This allowed me to see the beauty of the night and not what’s scary in the night. I hoped Corinne – and other children – could find that comfort and connection to God too.”

It’s a Beautiful Night is available on Amazon, iTunes, and in select retailers. It was published in 2021 through Covenant Books.

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