Saean to unveil new EXOD ​

In the middle of 2022, SAEAN Corp are planning to introduce the world to their EXOD electric vehicles, which have been in development for 16 years.

EXOD will be Saean’s high-end, luxury EV brand.

SAEAN, originally from South Korea, has an R&D Centre in Hanam City, offices in the USA, and we recently working to establishing a Head-Office in Calgary, Canada.

The first EXOD model will be a two-seater convertible sports car that uses 800V or 400V chargers, and has a drive range of up to 310 miles (500km). Its top speed is 165mph (265 km/hr) and it only takes 3.0 seconds to accelerate from 0-60mph (100km/hr).

“The company is scheduled to introduce a sedan and SUV in the near future,” says Vice President Hyuncho Yoon.

​In 2019, SAEAN showed a 1.5 tonne electric excavator in Japan, and this year they are unveiling a 54 tonne heavy-duty electric truck.

Saean Corp is also planning to produce a C-Class electric vehicle for the North American market, and the company planning to bring in investment from Qatar after the company goes public in North America.


Saean is specialized in electric vehicle and new energy, starting with the first generation of electric vehicles in South Korea, and is currently relocating its headquarters to Canada as a company that develops over 120 related patents, various vehicles, and new eco-friendly transportation devices.