In today’s hybrid working world, organizations have to remain connected to how employees are feeling on a daily basis. This can only be achieved if done intentionally through a robust digital tool. Even employing HR personnel for collecting such data manually is a tedious task involving time and paperwork. The Mood-o-meter alleviates the above mentioned challenges. Talking about what makes the Mood-o-meter a unique invention, Tapas Lenka, Head-Gratifi said, ‘the Mood-o-meter’s inherent impersonal nature makes it easier to collect sensitive data, which can be skewed when revealed directly to an authority or in a confidential group setting. Moreover, the fact that it measures sentiment over a period of time gives added validity and value to the data.’

The mood-o-meter can be integrated with any frequently used work application. Upon logging in, the employee is requested to register their mood. A range of emoticons with name tags are displayed, such as happy, sad, neutral etc., which can be edited by the organization. The employee can only move forward once the mood has been registered, ensuring compliance and consistent data inflow. The mood can be reset at any time by the employee. If required, employers can incorporate a quick 5 question survey in its’ stead as well.

Misha Nathani, Head of Product Marketing at Gratifi commented on the landmark event in the SaaS-based firm’s history, ‘the mood-o-meter is an important contribution made by Gratifi to the HR digital software industry. We hope it will enable our audiences to view us as an industry leader and innovator, hence promoting more such inventions.’

About Gratifi:

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