A nice melodic and rhythmic hip-hop and rap song ‘I’ma Do My Thang’ is a nice melodic hip-hop and rap song from the new and emerging American Rapper Krazy Attitude.

Syracuse, New York Nov 10, 2021 (Issuewire.com)  – The inspirational theme along with the melodic hip-hop and rap song ‘I’ma Do My Thang’ is a nice hip-hop and rap song production from the new and emerging American Rapper Krazy Attitude. In this music, he has produced a song with a personal storyline and its effect on him. Moreover, with high motivations and inspiration, he has circumnavigated all the problems of his life. Thus, through this music, he wants to encourage the listeners to become strong for canceling any barriers in life. The melodic hip-hop and rap style and the musical arrangement throughout this music exhibit his effort towards the composition of the music.

At the very beginning of the music of ‘I’ma Do My Thang’ consists of a nice rhythmic pattern and a particular piece of synth music. Therefore, with that particular musical arrangement the artist Krazy Attitude has played a nice musical representation for the hip-hop and rap song lovers. Moreover, the dual type of rapping such as melodic and hard-core rhythmic rap has been utilized throughout this music. ‘Deadly Verses’, ‘No Filter’ and ‘Something Relaxing’ are nice examples of his hip-hop and rap songs. Soundcloud, Spotify, and the YouTube channel are the gateway to listening to other songs of this artist. To check more updates that are new and music-related news of this artist Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms.

Listen to this song ‘I’ma Do My Thang’ by Krazy Attitude :


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