Founded by Mr. Gurseet Singh, an ardent holistic health enthusiast, Smotect tackles the journey of a smoker who wants to quit smoking and/or detox the toxins that have been accumulated by years of smoking. This program is based on the BPS model (Biological-Psychological-Social) that prepares smokers body and mind to quit smoking. It is a well researched 12-week program that includes Non-Nicotine Natural Tablets, Counseling Program based on MBCT approach and Social Community Support.

Key elements of Smotect – Quit smoking program

Smotect Natural Tablets

The synergistic effect of 12 therapeutic herbs in these Natural Tablets significantly reduces the urge to smoke while managing the withdrawal symptoms like irritation, stress and anxiety. This is a patented formula that detoxifies the body from the damaging effects of smoking.

Smotect Counseling

The program also offers Professional Counseling & Guided Sessions made by Quit Smoking Experts with a series of mindfulness exercises. The counseling program is based on the well-researched MBCT approach (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) which prepares to deal with the psychological dependence on smoking. It also equips smokers to deal with slips and relapses effectively.

Smotect Community

One of the best ways to reduce the prevalence of smoking is to have a community where members and smoke cessation counselors come together to discuss and share various coping strategies, provide reinforcement, and support each other. The community is moderated by counselors to keep the discussion scientific and in the right direction.

Introducing the Smotect – Quit Smoking Program, Founder, Mr. Gurseet Singh said, “I was a smoker myself for 12 years of my life and experiencing relapse and withdrawal symptoms while quitting was common. In the process of finding a solution for my smoking addiction, and failing while practicing willpower, I realized how smoking is a Biological & Psychological addiction. Hence, it’s imperative to prepare your body and mind to be able to quit smoking permanently. This was my eureka moment to introduce the unique Bio-Psycho-Social model of Smotect to the masses.”

He further added, “Smoking addiction is broadly defined as physical and psychological dependencies with the symptoms such as craving, impaired control, overuse and continued smoking despite the knowledge of health risks. Our vision at Smotect is to address these dependencies and provide a holistic solution to smokers and assist them in their quitting journey.”

Unlike existing solutions in the Indian market, Smotect does not depend on nicotine replacements and cigarette substitutes, nor does it rely solely on willpower. The quit smoking program offers a simple, effective, and easy pathway to quitting smoking naturally. Smotect with their quit smoking program aims to reach out to every smoker who desires to detox their body from the ill effects of smoking or push themselves to get rid of their rather oppressive habit and start their journey towards being a better version of themselves.

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