This compilation contains poems about places, problems, and people that the author has encountered over his seventy-plus years of life. They are reflections on relationships and struggles as well as on the natural side of things and the built-in environment where we live. 
Hood’s profound perspective in life reflects in his poetry. It covers all the facets of emotions we normally encounter which is a good thing. Fans of poetry will not be disappointed. Each poem conveys a unique message experienced by Hood.
Read the book and explore the author’s thoughts in this deep, enlightening selection of poems that represent the “stage” called life and we as the performers in this vast “theatre” which represent our very soul. A unique and interesting take on reality.

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I’ve Grown Accustomed to My Fat: Poems about People, Places and Puzzles
[b]Author:[/b] T. C. Hood
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: October 2021
Genre: Poetry
Target Audience: Anyone who loves to read and listen to poetry
About the Author
At age two, Hood, prompted by his father, recited “The Night Before Christmas” at a community Christmas celebration in the Lyle (one-room) district school, Van Buren County, Michigan. Over the course of years, poetry reading and writing became a favorite avocation. This book contains a few of the poems he has written. Walking on the family farm and in the woodlots created an appreciation of trees and flowers in a wild setting. Forty years as a college professor of sociology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, acquainted him with unrest and criticism in American society. Economic, racial and gender discrimination became familiar critiques of the American Dream of equality and justice for all. Volunteer work with the United Methodist Church, 4-H Youth and community service opportunities throughout life have been important ways to meet people generous with their resources and friendship.