The author believes success is finding your limitations and working on improving them

Whether you start from scratch or whether you’ve been given a head-start in life, every single person will, at some point, come face-to-face with their limitations. Breakthrough Leadership with Sa Huynh, now available on Amazon, is a highly recommended read for those of you whose self-worth is being challenged by limitations, be they from within or outside.

Sa Huynh is a tech writer at a cybersecurity firm. Known for her commitment to service and determined nature, Huynh believes in harnessing the power of stories (many of which were passed down to her by family). She earned two bachelor’s degrees in information technology and English literature. Aside from her work, Huynh transports her readers to a variety of worlds on her blog by sharing poems, micro tales, inspirational quotes, and photos of her adventures. Within the first few paragraphs of her story, she encourages her readers to leverage the power of stories by sharing how it lifted her from the lowliness of her troubles: “Stories have helped me navigate the peaks and valleys of the mountains I have chosen to embark. This is a tale from which I emerged, from a husk of timidity to the journey of an entrepreneurial warrior.”

Huynh explains how in her journey of growth, she experienced many “monsters” that tore holes into her armor. She learned that the power of mindset and engaging in meaningful activities helped fight back against such monsters.

As Huynh explains the history of her family’s persecution and trials, she speaks of how those stories served as inspiration for her amid the battle with her monsters.

“How can the stories of my relatives empower my life? I tapped into an abundant stream that replenished me. Their inspirational stories reinvigorated my passion for life, knocked me out of the doldrums, and got me back in the ring to fight for the life I wanted to create,” says Huynh.

Breakthrough Leadership with Sa Huynh is a page-turner whose stories, quotes, and advice will have you at the edge of your seat, hungry to learn more. What monsters are you battling right now? Use the power of stories as a weapon and conquer them.

Retired U.S. Navy Captain Marty Taylor comments on Huynh’s professional and loving nature: “I have known Sa Huynh for almost three years, and during that time, I have been sincerely impressed by her intelligence, professionalism, and genuine love of people. Her extraordinary goal setting and achievement are unsurpassed, as evinced by her earning a degree in an intense Information Technology curriculum, all while working a full-time job, followed by acquiring a challenging position in her chosen field! Sa has a wonderful, giving personality and volunteers her time to help many causes. Sa Huynh is the consummate professional and wonderful friend!”

Carl D. Michel, President of the Rotary Club of Alamo Ranch, speaks of Huynh’s strength in the midst of her challenges: “In the time I have known Sa, she has consistently faced challenges and persevered even after being presented with an attitude which embraces the status quo. While others may have wilted before those who resist and even attempt to stifle progress, she has shown her strength through quiet and deliberate diligence. We can learn much from her as we pursue authenticity and congruence with our values and practices.”

Unlock the power of your stories and pave your path to success with Breakthrough Leadership with Sa Huynh, now for sale on Amazon.

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