Christian-based rehabilitation center near Salt Lake City, Utah, launches quarterly webinars providing free support, education, strategies, and resources for family members of those with drug addictions.

With relationship conflict as the most commonly reported factor of relapse for those with substance abuse addiction, Renaissance Ranch is debuting quarterly webinars to offer free support for family members of addicted individuals.

The “Voices of Long-term Recovery” webinars are available to any drug-addicted individual and their family members. They feature speakers who have either walked the road to recovery or supported someone who has. The speakers share their experiences with the 12 step-based program offered through the Renaissance Ranch drug treatment facility. This program follows evidence-based research showing that inclusion of family members in the recovery process increases the likelihood of long-term sobriety.

“Addiction is a complicated web that feeds on character defects, codependency, and emotional, mental, and physical illness. Without the tools to address the problems that underlie addiction, it’s likely going to recur,” said Christine Dixon, Co-Owner and Family Program Director at Renaissance Ranch.

With two sons sinking into the abyss of drug addiction during their adolescent years, Christine and her husband, Rick, found themselves feeling frightened and helpless. Through rehabilitation for their sons and family counseling to help build healthy relationships, the Dixons gained healing and hope. As the owners of Renaissance Ranch, Christine, Rick, and their two sons, Preston and Tyson, who are now many years into their own recoveries, work together to support families on the same journey. Rick serves as the Chairman of the Ranch, while Preston and Tyson serve as C.O.O. and C.E.O. respectively.

“We find that family members are so traumatized by the addiction in their home that they don’t know what to do or where to go,” said Christine. “We want to equip these family members with the tools they need to get to a place of personal peace and then form healthy, loving relationships with their addicted loved ones to aid their recovery.”

In addition to the webinars, Renaissance Ranch also offers a family support podcast and free online support classes, most of which are open to the public. Their current schedule of substance abuse recovery classes is available on their website, along with webinars and podcasts.

Renaissance Ranch has been helping men overcome addiction and mental health issues since 2001 at their 3-acre facility in Bluffdale, Utah. Their “Band of Brothers” alumni program is one of the largest of its kind in the nation and offers unparalleled support to graduated members. Renaissance Ranch received Utah’s “Best of State” award and has been ranked among the best centers of its kind nationwide by the gold standard, third party rating organization, Vista Research Group, Inc. To learn more, call 801-872-7201 or visit

About Renaissance Ranch Treatment Centers

Renaissance Ranch is a Utah rehab center that uses a faith-based addiction recovery program by combining the traditional 12-Step approach to treatment combined with Gospel principles as they relate to alcohol and drug addiction. They are owned and operated by individuals who have been through the challenging road to recovery, but who have been made more whole and stronger by that very journey. Renaissance Ranch takes those who are at their lowest point and bring them into a program that gives them hope and a blueprint of how to grow and achieve their best selves.