How can you differentiate your company and your offer from other websites and marketplaces? is the giant in the room. New brands are asking themselves, what must they do to create a customer experience that you cannot have on Amazon?

If you plan to sell from your own website, and not on Amazon, you have to ask yourself what unique value will you bring to the marketplace for your customers?

NaXum’s CEO, Ben Dixon interviewed Jacquie Reser, founder of J Elizabeth Boutique to share how she’s used NaXum technology to create custom experiences for her customers:

What can we learn from the interview?

1. Get the customer involved.

How is the customer able to personalize their experience to their own needs? In the case of the platform NaXum built for J Elizabeth, customers are customizing t-shirts and sweaters with their own images and slogans to fit their own needs and design styles.

Allowing the customer to be creative and enjoy a product that literally does not exist anywhere else is empowering and is the value they cannot find on an Amazon marketplace.

2. The UX matters.

How easy is it for the customer to get involved with your product? Is the experience something they can do from the phone? Or are the steps so daunting that customers are discouraged and quit before finishing the process?

A key part of delivering a unique customer experience is thinking through the user’s experience(UX) on the technology. Invite randomized sets of customers to experience your platform before sharing your new tools with the public, gather feedback, and optimize your experience to be so good, it’s worth sharing.

3. Give them an incentive to share.

You’ve done the work of creating a unique experience, now it’s time to invite your customer to share that experience with others.

What rewards can you put in place that will incentivize your retail customers to share their experience with others? If someone is a total raving fan of your service do you have a place in your ecosystem for them to collaborate with you on a higher level? Have you created an ambassador program or a full-blown referral marketing opportunity for your most raving fans?

Think about the experience you deliver as a progression of creating fans.

As your customers become a bigger and bigger fan of your company, they can collaborate and participate in a deeper and deeper way:

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Ben Dixon loves referral marketing. His family found direct sales back in 2006 and had success using technology to create home-based businesses. Since 2010, Ben has focused on serving referral marketing, party plan, mlm, and direct sales companies across the globe with the technology they require to empower their passionate fans to virally grow their businesses.

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