Gamry’s Sales Manager Chris Beasley spearheaded the creation of this eBook. According to Chris “Gamry users cover a vast range of expertise and over half of our new users are new to electrochemistry. Gamry’s products are especially well-suited for newcomers because they are easy to use, very reliable and come with a 2-year warranty”. Chris hopes this eBook will help new users understand what specifications mean, which ones are important to their research and what potentiostat parameters are useful for their application.

For more information and to download the new eBook “A Potentiostat Buying Guide”, please visit Gamry’s web site. You may also be interested in reading all the reviews customers have posted on Gamry’s Potentiostats such as the Interface 1010E and the Reference 620. Visit the Browse All Potentiostats page of the web site

About Gamry Instruments

Founded in 1989, Gamry Instruments designs and builds precision electrochemical instrumentation and accessories. Their belief is that instruments should achieve a balance between performance and cost while striving for innovative designs and superior support. Gamry takes pride in offering top notch support both before and after the sale. The sales and support staff consist of electrochemists and engineers with real-world research experience.