PDF publications are rapidly being replaced by web-friendly HTML5 flipbooks. FlipHTML5 is a quick and easy way to convert PDF to HTML5 flipbooks.

PDF used to be the go-to way to publish documents. It has several advantages over word processor-type formats. Nowadays, audiences crave more vivid, appealing content. With so much time spent online, especially on social media, information has to stand out to make people stop scrolling and take notice. A flipbook is just the answer. Published in HTML5 format, flipbooks are interactive and engaging. FlipHTML5 quickly converts PDF to HTML5 flipbooks.

FlipHTML5 uses simple steps to convert PDF to HTML5. Users can choose to download the desktop version or use the online editor. When they’re ready to make a flipbook, they just choose the PDF file they’d like to convert, select their preferences to customize the flipbook, and publish. The conversion from PDF to HTML5 is automatic and seamless.

Customizing the flipbook is a breeze. Once the file is chosen to convert from PDF to HTML5, users can choose from a variety of templates, themes, and backgrounds. They can also modify some toolbar options and icons. The finished flipbook will depict the user’s image and brand to perfection. Plus, it can flip either vertically or horizontally and features a convincing page-turning sound effect.

Another advantage of converting PDF to HTML5 flipbooks is the functionality it offers. Unlike PDF, HTML5 flipbooks support the addition of various multimedia. Images, videos, audio, and animations complement the text to make for a more outstanding reading experience. Hyperlinks and hotspots make it easier for viewers to follow calls to action – a simple click to purchase, download, or view more.

Users can do so much more than convert their PDF to HTML5 with FlipHTML5. The platform offers free online hosting for flipbooks as well as an eCommerce feature for selling self-published flipbooks. FlipHTML5 also supports Google Analytics, letting users collect useful information on their readers’ habits so they can tailor content to match.

HTML5 flipbooks are easy to share. The URL generated by each flipbook can be shared via email and social media. An embed code is also available so the flipbook can be embedded in websites and blogs. Readers can even subscribe to their favorite publications. Offline sharing options are also available.

“It’s never been easier to convert PDF to HTML5,” claims Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

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