Digital catalogs are an innovative way to advertise online. FlipHTML5 offers the best digital catalog software for creating catalogs that convert views to sales.

Catalogs have long been a major way to advertise products and attract customers. Today, business has changed and so has advertising and sales. Ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular as more aspects of everyday life move online. Since sales take place online, it makes sense to move catalogs online too. With digital catalog software from FlipHTML5, retailers get an effective way to advertise their products at a much lower cost. FlipHTML5 is free and easy to use, with no technical skills required.

FlipHTML5’s digital catalog software quickly converts PDF and InDesign files to web-friendly HTML5 format. It features amazing templates that guarantee an attractive and professional appearance. Advertisers can customize the templates to showcase their brand in the best light. They can modify themes, background colors, and fonts as well as add their brand logo and change the catalog’s URL to match their brand.

Today’s audiences crave interactive content. With digital catalog software from FlipHTML5, users can convert indecisive buyers by including product videos that offer more details than images along with HD images that they can zoom in and out. When they’re ready to buy, viewers will be able to do so easily as advertisers can include clickable ‘buy’ buttons or hyperlinks that take them directly to product pages. Advertisers can also include information about their company in the catalogs.

This digital catalog software allows advertisers to store their catalogs on the FlipHTML5 cloud as well as sell them using the eCommerce feature, especially if they don’t have their own website. It’s easy to share catalogs via email or social media using the unique URL they generate and embed them in websites, blogs, and ads using the embed code. Catalogs can be accessed on any internet-capable device and readers can do keyword searches within the catalogs to quickly find what they need.

FlipHTML5 optimizes catalogs for search engines so that target audiences can easily find them on the web. Options like multiple SEO profiles and customizable page titles and keywords are available in this digital catalog software. Plus, FlipHTML5 can provide useful customer insight that improves eCommerce strategies.

“Our digital catalog software is designed to help advertisers get the most out of their eCommerce businesses,” says Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5.

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