Tara Sufiana was half-asleep on a beach one day when she remembered what a young English woman she met at the Oxford Hotel in Cairo had suggested to her: which was to write an article for SHE MAGAZINE in England about her experiences among the Egyptian dervishes.

“The Sword and the Rose” extend on the author’s work in SHE MAGAZINE, which detailed Tara Sufiana’s travels and experiences in Egypt over the previous five years, spending time with Sufis and attending religious festivals and ceremonies. Throughout her story, she shares the tales of her many escapades, from making a living by being an entertainer for several establishments and media to her carefree and lively habits in her free time.

By allowing readers to feel what she did through her words, the author’s work performs a fantastic job of emphasizing the beauty of Egypt. Her boundless heart wagers on fresh challenges and rewards without putting resources or linguistic and cultural barriers in jeopardy.
The Sword and the Rose: The True Adventures of a Swiss-American Dervish in Egypt
Written by: Tara Sufiana
Paperback: $11.45
Kindle: $2.99
Copies of this informative and intriguing story are available on Amazon. Pick up a copy of the book and embark on a tour around Egypt, learning about a rich and fascinating culture that most people never get to see in their lifetime. For more information about the author and her other works visit the author’s website.

About the Author
Tara Sufiana is a Swiss actress who was born in Switzerland to an American mother and a Swiss father. Flamenco dance, songwriting and singing, modeling, belly dancing, acting, writing, and spiritual healing are among her many talents. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in Indian studies. She now lives in the mountains of Northern California.