When George, a botanist, and professor at the University of California, was invited by Paul Tylo—the owner of a giant mining company for a consultation gig—he found himself diving into a nonstop, action-packed adventure set in Southern Africa.

George and Matilda, together with their young associate William and his new lover, Jake, are compelled to go on the hunt for a rare orchid that may be worth billions of dollars. To do this, they have to unveil the information and warnings transcribed in an old book. The book is laced with paranormal stories and talks about creatures that are intertwined in African culture—creatures like the tokoloshes, and halfmen who were believed to guard the valley where the orchid is located. The basis of the book’s authenticity and credibility was solidified by the disappearance of an amateur geologist initially deployed by Tylo.

What became of the geologist who discovered the flower while hunting for alluvial diamonds in a harsh area of the Dark Continent? Are they dealing with otherworldly beings with human bodies and animal heads? Are there truly terrible spirits that devour one’s fingers and toes? What about the odd halfmen?

The book is an amalgam between fiction and non-fiction. The depth of Koopowitz’s knowledge about orchids is on full display with references that will excite enthusiasts. The elements of adventure, action, suspense, and African culture, will pull readers who are not into botany. Koopowitz creates a perfect balance between the book is educational, but at the same time exciting.

Go with George and his crew.

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Diamonds & Disas: The Further Adventures of George and Matilda
Author: Harold Koopowitz
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: October 2021
Book Genre: Literature & Fiction › Action & Adventure

About the Author:
Harold Koopowitz grew up in the Eastern Cape of South Africa where he spent most of his childhood exploring the plants and animals of the veldt. He has a master’s degree from Rhodes University in South Africa and a Ph.D. from UCLA. Harold lives in Orange County, Southern California where he is Professor Emeritus in biology at the University of California at Irvine. He has written a number of non-fiction books on conservation and gardening topics. His hobbies include breeding flowers and writing. He shares a modest home and very large greenhouse with his husband Stephen Hampson who is a horticulturist and proofreader supreme. Darold has been honored with the Herbert Medal from the International Plant Life Society; the Westonbirt Orchid Medal as well as the Ralph B. White Medal for innovation in daffodil breeding from the Royal Horticultural Society. He has been recognized with the Orchid Digest Medal for meritorious work on orchids as well as the Gold Medal from the American Orchid Society, in addition to the Gold Medal from the American Daffodil Society.