CBD experts offer Hemp-derived substance-free CBD oil that boosts appropriate fitness levels for daily needs and an active lifestyle.

Canna Essentia, a brand of specialty Hemp Oil products, announces the launch of their infused substance-free Hemp Oil product line. With zero use of industrial fertilizers, the Hemp is free of harsh chemicals, heavy metals, and algae, ensuring the non-toxicity of our Hemp Oil extract. All products are organic and non-GMO.

Wide-ranging Hemp Oil extract contains several beneficial phytochemicals. Hemp Oil contains signaling molecules that help regulate various processes in our bodies to promote overall health and well-being.

Scott Reeves, Co-Founder and Georgia native, understands the value of ingesting something pure and natural. “Whether it’s tired hand and an aching back, or simply a desire to sleep better and focus more during the day, our CBD products were created for those who work hard and play hard,” said Reeves.

“Canna Essentia has established the gold standard for CBD effectiveness and ease of administration in the US Hemp market.”

CBD is a non-toxic, naturally occurring chemical found in hemp. Canna Essentia’s CBD extract is entirely extracted from Hemp. Additionally, Canna Essentia offers products derived from Hemp Oil that contain less than 0.3 percent substance. As a result, clients obtain all the hemp’s benefits without the risk of adverse effects.

About Canna Essentia

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Canna Essentia was established in 2019 with a simple mission: to produce high-quality Hemp Oil products while preserving the plant’s natural substance, and important fatty acids. As one of the largest online distributors of wide-ranging Hemp Oil products in the United States, Canna Essentia sources its products from US-grown Hemp strictly following only natural farming methods to ensure the highest quality Hemp Oil extract. For more information, visit: https://cannaessentia.com/.

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