Providing safe repair tactics for vertical pipelines, hard-to-reach horizontal pipes, and anything in-between.

Working on industrial pipelines is often a difficult task. When contractors need to burrow into trenches to exchange pipe sections or bond them with resin, there is a certain amount of risk to the people involved. In addition, the environment is also at risk due to required earth-moving equipment. With traditional pipe repairs, exposing the pipeline is often necessary to replace and repair it.  Thankfully, Industrial CIPP has perfected tactics that never put people or locations in harm’s way. 

Cured-in-place pipeline repair, also known as CIPP, creates a better scenario for all involved, with far fewer disturbances to the grounds and fewer chances for physical harm to workers and tenants of the property. Industrial CIPP carefully measures and diagnoses the work location. Traditional digging repair methods can be expensive and lead to lawsuits and insurance claims when injuries occur. Industrial CIPP forgoes traditional repair methods for CIPP to establish safer work zones.

One way Industrial CIPP makes commercial pipe repair jobs safer is to conduct a targeted inspection. By using robotic technology, contractors can complete an informative visual inspection of problematic pipelines. For certain projects, contractors use high-tech push cameras to inspect larger diameter pipelines. Industrial CIPP records the damaged areas and inspects every inch of commercial pipelines safely and effectively. With these approaches, contractors can capture footage and images without needing to tunnel underneath structures, or wedging themselves between walls for vertical pipe repairs.

Industrial CIPP has perfected the no-dig process to make repairs quicker and more eco-friendly. Commercial properties are typically surrounded by nature installations – sometimes organic, sometimes installed. In many cases, when digging is utilized to repair large diameter pipelines, the integrity of the ground itself is at risk. Seepage from leaking pipes can damage plant life and cause the soil to lose its stability. At Industrial CIPP, we know that there are better ways to repair pipes without harming the natural aesthetic of a commercial property. With cured-in-place pipe repair, our clients have a product that completes pipe fixes without ever having to tear up the grounds.

A pipe repair job should never result in more costs to the client. Keeping workers and occupants safe is paramount to finishing pipe maintenance without further issue. Industrial CIPP takes pipeline repair seriously, using the best materials and technology to do a proper job. Contractors use special tools to insert parts and cure resin via small entry points, which eliminates any dangerous tunneling to reach under foundational structures. Trenches are not needed when CIPP is the chosen repair. Industrial CIPP provides repair tactics for vertical pipelines, hard-to-reach horizontal pipes, and anything in-between. When you want a safe and quality pipe repair service, contact the professionals at Industrial CIPP.

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