CHBO, the Culture of Health in Business Organization, is excited to announce the development process of a first in global innovation: the innovation, generation and implementation of building the first Smart-Sustainable City in Canada and the USA from the ground up.

Today, real estate is in high demand, and in many cases, prices of homes in urban areas are not easily accessible and not affordable. “Orbit City,” inspired by our perfect solar system, will be the first Smart-Sustainable City with many residential solutions to career starters and career established families.

CHBO is a non-profit Corporate Social Responsibility organization with an innovative transformational approach to build the – first non-profit Sustainable City. “Orbit City” will be uniquely sufficient and efficient aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals / UN SDG 17 goals, CHBO Certification and local Government supports (COVID conscious).

“Price of a home is important, but no longer the most important criteria, when living in Urban areas. Building and maintaining sustainability is now leading the way as it implies the delivery of environmentally conscious quality of life where people can Work-Live-Learn-Play for a Sustainable Life,” said Nadhem Nouisser, President of CHBO.

The Smart-Sustainable City is potentially expandable to a larger city – assisted by Smart infrastructures and technology; a bicycle/walking friendly city with a low-density population or a smartly structured high-density population. The development and construction of Orbit City will be conducted in partnership with industry strategic investor-partners locally and internationally.

Currently, CHBO is in discussion with interested expert-stakeholders to join the partnership business strategic coalition for Smart-Sustainability Living. All stakeholders will have the advantage to be involved in transferring the knowledge of Sustainable Cities locally.

Please contact Nad Nouisser, President of CHBO, for more information and a video of Orbit City to discover more about its special innovative features.

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