Overall, my passion is to teach people to have more empathy and compassion for animals and how they learn. In addition, I want to help bring awareness to the world that we do not need to hurt our animals in order to train them. Positive reinforcement training focuses on encouraging the behaviors we like and teaching the animals how we would like for them to behave rather than constantly “correcting” mistakes. Positive Reinforcement does not just make learning less stressful for the animals, I have also discovered that when people start to look for behavior they like, rather than looking for mistakes, the bond between the human and the animal gets stronger.

The Evolution of Dog Training details how to teach your dog, one step at a time, without causing your dog pain or fear. It carefully explains how training with choke chains started and why trainers are now using clickers instead.

You’ll also learn what current research and scientific studies tell us about how dogs learn, making it easier to a turn your beloved pet into a well-behaved dog.

Whether you have been training dogs for decades or this is your very first time, this book will help you sort through all of the opinions so you can train effectively and humanely.

The Evolution of Dog Training is available in print, eBook and audio!

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