DoBrain, a start-up company that provides digital solutions to support healthy cognitive development in young children, together with the 15-year-old scientist Gitanjali Rao, participated in an open discussion on “How Innovators are Nurtured” at the World Knowledge Forum 2021.
“The secret of becoming a young innovator is to have curiosity, observe the world, and keep challenging to solve problems,” said Gitanjali Rao. “It was great to talk about my journey with DoBrain which shares the same vision – using technology to help change the world – and I hope we could help more children around the globe to get inspired and feel interested in innovation.”
Gitanjali Rao is a 15-year-old scientist and inventor recognized as America′s Top Young Scientist, who received an EPA Presidential award for inventing unique tools such as her lead detecting device, prescription opioid addiction solution and anti-cyberbullying service.  She was honored as Forbes “30 Under 30 in Science” in 2019 and TIME’s “Top Young Innovator” and “Kid of the Year” in 2020.
During the open session at the World Knowledge Forum on September 14, the Founder & CEO Yejin Choi1 and R&D Specialist Solbee Jung2 of DoBrain and Gitanjali Rao introduced how their passion and aspiration to change the world have led them to come up with unique solutions through innovation. Sharing their own stories and journeys of innovation, the speakers called to families, schools, and communities to take seriously the work of supporting ingenuity in youth, stressing the importance of education, science and innovation.
In particular, DoBrain pointed out that early cognitive development is crucial to the growth of children, which is why DoBrain strives to provide the most accessible digital solution to help children meet their full potential and become independent learners and future innovators just like Rao.
The two young innovators are expected to join forces to continue making positive impact for children. As a first step, Rao will serve as a special advisor for DoBrain, offering her insights and advice for creating effective solutions and products.
DoBrain offers an accessible and affordable digital cognitive development solution for young children. Its program is designed to be an assistive tool that achieves the three aims of education, identification, and therapy. Combining technology and neuroscience into digital therapeutics (DTx) and edu-tech, DoBrain helps address the needs of children and develop their cognitive skills through immersive and interactive contents. The company aims to ensure each and every child’s right to healthy growth and unlock their potential through innovative technology. Since its launch in 2017, more than 600,000 children worldwide have used the DoBrain program. For further information, visit
Yejin Choi, Founder & CEO, DoBrain
UNDP-Samsung Generation 17 Leader
Forbes “30 Under 30 in Healthcare”
Cognitive Therapist
Solbee Jung, R&D Specialist, DoBrain
Visiting Scholar/Researcher at the Johns Hopkins School of Education
PhD in Education from Johns Hopkins University
Ed.M. in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University