Aspiring Colorado hip hop singer Ian Crothers is touching the hearts of the millions with his hip-hop-infused trap melodies, rich in refreshing lyricism.Denver, Colorado Sep 7, 2021 ( – The genre of hip hop is capable of catering to every mood of the listeners worldwide. The newest gem in the hip hop and trap scene, Ian Crothers is getting the attention of the global audience with his thoughtful and heart-rending melodic pieces. The young and extremely talented singer-songwriter has tried his hands on emotional trap music and achieved tremendous success within a very short time. He pours his heart out into his every creation and shares his most intimate experiences and feelings with the audience. The tracks are highly relatable and powerful enough to uplift the spirit of the people listening to them.
Being deeply influenced by all kinds of music, the talented Colorado hip hop singer Ian Crothers stepped into the scene at a very young age. Now at 21, he has come a long way in mastering the art of singing and rapping with ultimate dexterity. He is motivated to chase his musical dreams by his wife and daughter. He derives inspiration for the lyrical illustrations for his songs from his real-life experiences and the world surrounding him. The sweet melancholy in his soundscape penetrates the hearts of the audience and lingers in their minds for a very long time.
Working independently, the brilliant musician works mostly with sad and emotional trap music. Ian Crothers always adds his very own flavor of hype into his songs to make them more interesting and meaningful as possible. He has gained quite a recognition and fame in the hip hop community with his finest tracks such as ‘Said You The One’, ‘No Friends’, ‘Back to Me’, ‘The Story’ and more. The songs bring out the true zest of the lyrical wordplays through his blissful vocal performance. Listen to his amazing collection on SoundCloud and YouTube. Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram for more updates on his upcoming works.
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