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Miami, Florida Sep 20, 2021 (  – Sergio Nicolas Roncancio Rodriguez, (Bogotá, Colombia, October 3, 1990) also known by his alias “Sergionicr” “Sergirodriguz” or simply “Sergio”, is a composer, internet celebrity, and creator of instagram content. The content of it is based on music, travel and lifestyle.

Instagram stopped being a platform for cute photos to become a giant and global market where we can find everything: fashion, sales, phrases, memes and even porn. But today we are not going to talk about that, we are going to talk about art, a lot of art. Sergio (sergionicr) is a Colombian artist who began to take photos of silhouettes of animals and people on paper and then decorate them with any background that could get as close as possible to the original color, the result is a surprising combination of textures that is making people hallucinate. more than one.

With more than half a million followers on instagram @sergionicr is one of the most active instagramers in his country, sharing experiences and recommending to his community the best destinations, the best food, and the best music for every mood.

Keeping the deep house sound but taking his favorite chill out sounds, Sergio shows a new facet of his career as a musical artist with “Harmony”, an album that sounds very relaxing and peaceful.

“I am more mature with music, it is something calmer than making videos or photos for networks.” says Sergio.

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage and the will to pursue them,

Thus, one of the most recognized influencer in Latin America achieved his desired goal with great effort and dedication, he also had appearances at Nickelodeon awards and participated in multiple collaborations with brands.

With all the possibilities ahead, Sergio just hopes one day he will have the opportunity to do epic things, meanwhile he continues to work on a new album that he hopes to release soon.

Now with thousands of listeners on Spotify, several singles with many plays, he is ready to reach audiences around the world. As his reputation of he as a creator and influencer continues to grow, Sergio is ready to prove that he belongs on the digital scene.

For more information, see sergionicr on Instagram @sergionicr or Twitter: @sergirodriguz

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