Nearly half of all entrepreneurs (49%) chose exercise as their preferred way to destress.

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  • Nearly half of all entrepreneurs (49%) chose exercise as their preferred way to destress.
  • Of the rest, 1 in 4 (24%) turned to family. Reading and meditating also featured heavily.

The past 18 months has put enormous pressure on small business owners, who have had to adapt to changing regulations, health issues ‒ theirs, their families and their staff ‒ and the uncertainty of what is coming next. While one out of every two entrepreneurs exercises to unwind, the type of exercise varied considerably, from a gentle yoga session each morning, to those whose Type A personalities drove them to competitive activities like the pain and sweat of an ultra-marathon”. interviewed nearly 200 entrepreneurs from around the world, keen to understand what they do to handle stress. The results showed exercising, spending time with loved ones and reading are the top 3 go-to hobbies of these up and coming business leaders. Socialising with friends over a drink or two also featured highly. Several reported that mentoring others or actively participating in charitable activities was a valuable way to disconnect from the day to day challenges of running a business.

The EnterpriseZone study, among entrepreneurs and small business owners who combined manage more than 3,000 staff, showed that many also considered travelling one of the most effective ways to disconnect from the business, but that Covid had put that on hold for most.

Some of the unusual activities that showed up in this global study of entrepreneurs include dancing around the home and even doing household chores. 

My favorite thing of all is decluttering and organizing with my friends in their homes!”

Sadly not all felt that they were able to unwind:

“Unwinding is very hard for me, mainly because I am so passionate about my work”

While others just felt that there was too much to do and that switching off was a luxury they couldn’t afford yet.

But for those who chose exercise, one entrepreneur summed up why it might be such a popular choice:

“It is a combination of taking care of both your physical health and mental health”.

Entrepreneurs – being resourceful even when it comes to unwinding.

Notes to editors

EnterpriseZone interviewed 178 entrepreneurs up to 15th September 2021. They were asked how they handled stress during the pandemic.

87 – Exercise 

43 – Family

33 – Reading

10 – Meditating

5 – Other 

Note: As this was a qualitative survey some items appeared multiple times, for example, reading was often cited but not always as the primary way of unwinding.


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