Superior Fence & Rail of Austin Operations Director James Crawford and his partners are already running successful franchise units within Superior Fence & Rail. The opportunity to become multi-location franchise owners is no pipe dream with the Superior brand. James and his team are one of quite a few franchisees, who have decided to apply what they have learned as fence company owners to expanded franchise territories. “With most of the partners up and running with a successful franchise in Raleigh, the Austin and San Antonio markets offered an opportunity to replicate what was working so well there.” Corporate owner Zach Peyton sums up this concerted strategic expansion: “the Austin market is growing so fast, and services like fencing are in high demand.”

The benefits of multi-location franchise business ownership

Owning an established, reputable franchise is smart business. Dare we say owning more than one location is even smarter? According to one IRS study, the wealthiest people have up to seven streams of income. So, while Superior Fence & Rail owners might have a taste for the fencing business, they are also considering how to work smart to increase their personal wealth. If there is room to add revenue streams in a field that you know with a company that you respect, then why not become a multi-franchise owner with that company? James explains, “Having an established brand and process to follow took away so many variables and gave us a lot of confidence that the business would work here.”

Multi-location ownership is not all about earning potential, though.

Superior Fence & Rail fence franchise owners believe in the fast-growing brand. They experience success through the company’s franchise system, by applying what works now, but always improving through the passage of time. James Crawford says two important elements are “having support in the marketing and branding, as well as an established process to lean on,” which lead to the next essential element – the customer. It could be argued that any successful business is highly dependent on satisfied customers. Superior Fence & Rail is a truly customer-centric business, which has nurtured relationships through the past couple of decades by building the highest-quality fences in the industry and providing exemplary custom service. Each fence franchise location is given the training, tools, and good company name to do the same. The success and continued growth of Superior Fence & Rail is no fluke. James believes that his and his partners’ new market will benefit from these processes by allowing them “to focus on execution and winning satisfied customers.” Zach Peyton adds, “It’s the values and priorities that the [franchisees] owners instill. The owners care about building a solid reputation, treating people well, and building something special.”

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