MEDraysintell releases the 8th. Edition of the Nuclear Medicine Report and Directory–2021, a set of three volumes aiming to provide a comprehensive and exhaustive review of the worldwide nuclear medicine landscape, through a detailed analysis of the existing marketed products and through the description and evaluation of the potential of radiopharmaceuticals under clinical or early-stage development and associated companies active in this field.

This new Edition-2021 provides in 3,100 pages a description of 870 products, together with a comprehensive profile of 340 companies active around the world in the radiopharmaceutical industry. The number of direct web links to bibliographical references was increased to 2,700.

– Nuclear Medicine (Part 1) – Marketed Radiopharmaceuticals

– Nuclear Medicine (Part 2) – Clinical Radiopharmaceuticals

– Nuclear Medicine (Part 3) – Early-Stage Radiopharmaceuticals

Additionally, a database containing all the clinal and early-stage radiopharmaceuticals described in the reports can also be provided to assist users in their research.

Detailed table of contents and sample pages are available upon request from Paul-Emmanuel Goethals at

MEDraysintell estimates that the global market for nuclear medicine reached just over US$ 5.6 billion in 2020, declining by almost 5% compared to 2019. The decline is a direct consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, mainly seen during the first half of 2020. With the lockdown of most of the countries and major restriction on air travels, transport of radionuclides and radiopharmaceuticals became the main bottleneck to distribute those products to hospitals. However, the situation resumed to almost normal by end of year 2020.

During the past years, an increasing interest from private investors and conventional pharmaceutical industries for the nuclear medicine market continued to be observed, despite the pandemic, of course mainly in the therapeutic area. This led also to some major M&A activities. Over US$ 17 billion were invested in M&A transactions between 2014 and June 2021. Further to the M&A activities, nearly 50 radiopharmaceutical companies were able to raise a total of almost US$ 4 billion from January 2019 to June 2021, to finance their development. New opportunities for development, investments, mergers and acquisitions are just popping up.

Despite the fact that most congresses related to nuclear medicine went virtual in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulties in pursuing in-person contacts, MEDraysintell was able to refine its data collection with more accurate information as new information became available. These three documents aim to support the reader in the development of their strategies in this industry.

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